Zika Virus in The Midwest: What You Need To Know

(Questions and Answers Zika Virus Infection and Pregnancy, 2016) If a person travels to an affected region and has a blood test that shows positive antibodies to the virus, this means you likely cannot transmit the virus to the fetus AFTER the incubation period (thought to be 3-12 days). For example, a person travels to South America for Christmas.

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Zika, the virus that sparked widespread. particularly if you’re pregnant or going to be pregnant. The risk still exists in those cases, even if it’s less," he said. "I think those admonitions need.

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Zika is a virus that is mainly spread by the bite of an infected mosquito. zika infection in pregnant women can cause birth defects, and research suggests that the virus may be linked to Guillain.

Update 4/14: U.S. health officials confirm – Zika virus causes birth defects.Read more below. Update 3/3: Google has teamed up with UNICEF, donating $1 million to help map, anticipate and fight the spread of Zika.Read more below. Donate Now 1. What is the threat to children from the Zika virus?

The diseases the Asian tiger species can carry include the Zika virus, the Dengue virus (commonly known as Dengue fever), and the Chikungunya virus. These diseases are quite rare in the U.S. and.

Dr. Oz Explains: The Zika Virus The Zika virus has dropped from the headlines. But the virus is still a threat. Consumer Reports has the details you need to know, plus how to protect yourself.

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You can also get Zika through sex. Many areas in the United States have the type of mosquitoes that can spread zika virus. These mosquitoes bite during the day and night. Zika can also be passed through sex from a person who has Zika to his or her sex partners, even if the person doesn’t have symptoms.

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