Will Artificial Grass Protect My Home From Pests?

How to Install Artificial Turf for Beginners DIY SM Pest Control Bury St Edmunds based independent pest control company provide a quick, discrete, and professional service for domestic and commercial premises in the Suffolk, Norfolk and cambridgeshire area.

Insect pests often look for somewhere warm to retreat when it’s cold outside and that somewhere could be inside your home. seal exterior: seal any cracks or holes around the outside of your home, such as those found around plumbing pipes, outside spigots, clothes dryer vents, and foundation vents.

Introduction to Turf Pests. Your lawn represents a significant investment in both time and money. Turf pests, such as insects or small animals, can quickly damage or ruin a lawn. Your greatest defense against these pests is knowledge.

Artificial Grass vs Sod. Choosing the right surface for your lawn or sports arena is an important decision that often comes down to deciding between artificial grass and sod. While each one has their benefits, it is important to understand the differences that exist between the two so that you can determine which type best fits your needs.

However, sometimes your lawn and yard will need controlling pests. Here are some valuable tips that will help you in the protection of your garden: Water the garden in the early morning as then there will be less precipitation. Keep your grass to the height of around 2.5cm because grasses taller than this are favourable for insect growth.

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Nothing puts a stop on a wonderful afternoon playing in the yard quite like a fire ant infestation. If you accidentally step on a fire ant hill, it will be about 30 seconds before your foot/leg starts burning. With an artificial grass lawn, the only way to keep these pests under control is to apply harsh chemicals and pesticides.

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Though it has many benefits, artificial grass won’t make your home pest-resistant. You will still need to get regular inspections from an exterminator and have a plan for ongoing mesa pest control. However, the synthetic grass will make your yard and your home less attractive to pests, which means you’ll be calling the exterminator much less.

Pests come in a variety of forms: weeds, insects, animals, molds, and fungi to name a few. The need to control outdoor pests varies. Having some weeds in your garden or some grubs in.