Why Pests Love Basements

Identify basement bugs with this authoritative and well-researched. I have to confess that centipedes make me scream, and I love insects of all.

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Basements provide several things that insects and other arthropod pests like such as high moisture levels, darkness, food, and probably plenty of hiding places. And unfinished basements, like attics, are rarely disturbed. Most of the pests that end up in basements are those that require high relative humidity.

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Stop Pests from Coming Home for the Holidays A variety of traps and even natural options are available to help with these tasks. Cleaning is also crucial to a bug-free home, and we go over ways to eliminate attractants for flies and ants, as well as how to eliminate the ant trails that keep the pesky pests coming back. Read more in How to Get Rid of Flies and Keep Bugs Out of the House.

Fall is pest season, and basements are a pest's favorite hiding place.. roaches love hiding near leaks and food, so depriving them of cover.

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Bugs in Your House: Why Insects Like Living Rooms and Basements Most.. bugs prefer bottom floors and basements. This shouldn’t surprise anyone: Who wants to climb a flight of stairs when you.

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You’re gonna have to face it: Household pests are regular house guests, according to Bob Vila’s Trusted Home Advice. It doesn’t matter how clean you keep your home-bugs can hitchhike in.

Pests love Washington DC area basements, and moisture is one of the key reasons for this. The installation of a commercial-grade dehumidifier can go a long way toward sending them on their way.

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