Where Do Mosquitoes Go in the Winter? Winter Mosquitoes

Some mosquito eggs and larvae may even spend the winter locked into the ice that forms in plants when the plants freeze! And some adult mosquitoes go into a form of hibernation during the winter, resuming their flying lives the following spring.

Where Do Mosquitoes Go in the Winter? Once it begins to get cold, some mosquito species go into storm sewers, basements, or animal burrows to avoid harsh weather. Freezing temperatures can kill these adult pests, so they must move to a warmer habitat. After they find shelter, mosquitoes in winter enter an inactive state.

While I’m sure you’re all enjoying your much-needed mosquito respite, you may also be curious about where they go and what they do during the winter months. Here’s what happens to mosquitoes in winter. Cold Blood and Cold Hearts. Mosquitoes are cold-blooded (and cold-hearted) insects.

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Now that fall is underway, and Winter is fast approaching, you probably aren’t thinking about mosquitoes anymore. They seem to have disappeared, but where do they go and how do they survive through the winter? It may also surprise you to know that there are things you should be doing now to prevent mosquitoes next spring.

Mosquitoes in winter hide in the same places where mosquitoes hide in spring, summer and fall! They hide in small spaces in masonry or brickwork, under your eaves where it may be dark and moist, in stagnant pools and ponds and even in holes in the earth, particularly deep under long grass and other vegetation that protects them from the cold.

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Best Answer: Mosquitoes in winter: option 1. Some mosquitoes lay winter hardy eggs that stay dormant in the ground until spring. Option 2: Some mosquitoes survive winter in the larval stage. All mosquito larvae need to be in water. When the water gets cold, they go into a state of diapause. This suspends.

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Many mosquitoes retreat from the cold weather to find refuge in the underground storm drain system through the winter. While we do have mosquitoes year-round in southern California, most species do not like cold weather and their activity decreases significantly when temperatures drop below 50F.