What Is The Life-Cycle Of Termite?

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Want to know the basics of the termite life-cycle? Check out this video short from Gold Coast Pest Services and the Bug Doctor. If you need termite services on the Gold Coast call Gold Coast Pest.

The life cycle contains an egg, young termite larvae or termite nymph, older nymph, worker, soldier, pseudergate, drone, and queen. This is a typical social insect system allowing for proper labor division.

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Termites have a unique life cycle that determines their role in their colony. Learn how they are assigned as worker, soldier, or swarmer termites! Termites have a unique life cycle that determines their role in their colony. Learn how they are assigned as worker, soldier, or swarmer termites!

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Termite larvae hatch within a few weeks and are approximately the same size as the eggs from which they hatched, they are immediately tended to by worker termites and in some cases by the Termite King; In the termite life cycle swarming is when the termites become fully mature capable of reproducing, they develop wings and eyes

The simplified model of a termite life cycle indicates the three castes, the reproductives, the soldiers and the workers.Due to the fact that termites are hemimetabolous insects, even the nymphs take part in the social life and have their specific tasks to fulfil.

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The Termite Life Cycle. Posted on March 7, 2017 in: apex pest control, Pest Control, Tampa | Jump To Comments. Termites are creatures of habit and cycle. Be it the phases of the seasons or the tempo of the colony, there is a definite beat that they move to. Understanding this beat, and.

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