What is a roof rat?

A roof rat is a black rat that climbs that live in your attic. A standard roof rat’s size is 13 to 18 inches long. Some roof rats can also weigh up to 9 ounces. They are excellent climbers and can get in through any opening. That includes any damaged roofs that may have open holes in the shingles.

Eradication of roof rats in any neighbor hood is a team effort and requires the relentless effort of the whole neighborhood. This website is a primer to educate residents about just what it takes to keep roof rats out of your neighborhood.

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How small a hole can a mouse get through?  Experiments. Roof Rats vs. Other Rodents. Roof rats are frequent visitors to yards and homes across the country. Their bodies are seven or eight inches in length, though their bald, scaly tails add up to ten more inches. Other identifying traits include their pointed noses, hairless ears, and dark fur with light colored underbellies.

 · Roof Rat Extermination. Because roof rats can potentially cause serious home damage and exposure to disease, they should be removed from your home and property at the first sign. Families should act quickly because roof rats can give birth to 5-8 young after a 21 to 23 day gestation period leading to a full on infestation.

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 · ”The rat zapper should be placed close to a roof rat nest or in their runways," said Ernie Henson, president and owner of Stormin’ Norman Termite and Pest Control. "Roof rats can.

The Roof Rat. The roof rat (rattus rattus Linnaeus) is smaller in size than the Norway Rat. Another difference is that the Roof rat is more slender with a longer tail than the Norway rat. The Roof rat also called gray-bellied rat, white-bellied rat, Alexandrine rat, black rat and ship rat.

Roof Rats may be identified by the following physical features: The Roof Rat’s adult head and body length is about 13 to 18 inches long, including its tail. The Roof Rat appears sleek and graceful. The Norway Rat is larger and more robust. The Roof Rat has a pointed nuzzle, and ears that are long enough to be pulled over its eyes

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