What Attracts Termites? 5 Home Termite Magnets like Mulch

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The subterranean termites found in scattered, localized areas around Iowa are routinely found in wood chip mulch and other wood products on or in the soil (lumber scraps, boards, firewood, pallets, etc.). Does this mean, as some pest control advertisements claim, that mulch attracts termites to your home or that the mulch somehow causes termites?

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Decayed wood attracts termites. I have been using newspaper, which works great, but I’ve been told it can attract termites. maintained termite barrier around the house, it doesn’t matter if a few termites are eating your.

Does wood mulch cause termites? We have just sorted it out that wood mulch attract termites as well as other mulch: any type of mulch can be a reason for termites to concentrate under the ground level of your flowerbed or rockery. Termites like veiled conditions that mulch provides.

Every type of termite is attracted to wood, but each one has specific preferences that influence what structures they infest. It’s important to know what attracts termites to your house in order to prevent infestations: Improper drainage or leaky pipes causing excess moisture near or in your home

Mulch and Termites Does Mulch Attract Termites Around the Home? Mulch is used in landscaping to inhibit weed growth and help soil retain water. Wood mulch is a popular choice for New England homeowners, but the moisture-retaining wood chips also provide habitat for wood-dwelling pests, such as subterranean termites.

Improper usage, however, can contribute to termite problems. Termites are attracted to mulch primarily because of its moisture-retaining properties, and the insulation it affords against temperature extremes. The mulch itself is of poor nutritional quality to termites and a non-preferred source of food.

5 Things You Could Be Doing That Attract Termites. What attracts termites? Does mulch? Do pine cones? It’s hard to prevent a home termite infestation if you don’t know what draws them to your property. Oftentimes, homeowners make a concerted effort to complete seasonal projects around the home to prevent pests from coming inside.

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