What Are Cluster Flies?

Good Bug Bad Bug Episode 11: Cluster Flies A cluster fly is a black fly that is slightly larger than a regular fly. They are usually found in large numbers in the fall. They tend to hibernate in empty places around the house such as attics, basements and other unused spaces. cluster flies will hibernate in several areas of the house, which is why they can be hard to eliminate.

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Summary of cluster fly elimination. cyper WP is a great surface spray for nuisance flies. The first step in Cluster Fly elimination is to seal or eliminate all possible entry points. Use a good surface spray on all areas where cluster flies congregate, hibernate or enter a structure.

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After fall there is little you can do but trap cluster flies so the real thing to do is to initiate a serious prevention plan. So here’s how to get rid of cluster flies for a more pleasant home and living space.

When abundant cluster flies may aggregate in loose clusters in a wall void or other overwintering site, leading to the name "cluster fly". Concentrations are largest in upper floors of buildings where they can become very abundant on occasion. For the cool season cluster flies remain in a dormant state, ceasing reproduction and moving little.

The flies are typically sluggish in flight and can be easily swatted or captured. Management. Before cluster flies enter the structure – Mechanical exclusion is the best method to keep cluster flies from entering homes and buildings. Cracks around windows, doors, siding, utility pipes, behind chimneys, and underneath the fascia and other.