Weird Ants From Around The World

Ants are amazing creatures known for their strength and ingenuity. However, with around 12,000 species of ants around the world, you know there are some pretty strange ones as well. From ants that are suicide bombers to ones that have the fastest bite in the world, keep reading to learn more about the weirdest ants [.]

Just out: The World’s Least-touristy countries 2018. I have gathered 25 seemingly strange, crazy or mad traditions from around the world. Please let me know if you know of others that belong here. 1. Teeth tossing in Greece: Some cultures pop children’s teeth under their pillows and wait for a swap with cold hard cash by a fairy.

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Today we have a list of 21 weird animals you never knew existed. Even though you might think you’ve seen the world over, but there are still wonders that will surprise you and may even make your eyes pop.

Where some people like to complement the festivities with throwing goats out of towers, others prefer driving skewers through their faces. Whatever helps you get your party on right? Well prepare for some culture shock because these are the 25 Most Insane Festivals From Around The World!

The tongue-in-cheek monster movie “Dead Ant” declares its allegiance to the cause of B. But from moment to moment, the strange case of Alex and Abraham only matters for what it allows the.

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Pangolin | World's Weirdest Join Mindy and Guy Raz as they get up close -too close- to explore the Who, What, When, Where, Why, How, and Wow in the World of Exploding Ants!. Notice anything strange about their faces? RAZ: Well, it looks like they.

There are around 900 thousand different kinds of insects known to science, with estimates of at least a million still waiting to be discovered. Of course, we could easily make a list with a hundred of them. But we should pick just ten for now. feel free to add your examples by using comments section. Here are 10 Most Unusual Insects in the World.