We Have A Bed Bug Sniffer Dog

Bed bugs are biting nation wide, but with K9 P.I.’s bed bug sniffing dog on the job, the bed bugs have nowhere to hide. Angel is the Nations best bed bug detection dog. For more information on bed.

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A detection dog or sniffer dog is a dog that is trained to use its senses to detect substances such as explosives, illegal drugs, wildlife scat, currency, blood, and contraband electronics such as illicit mobile phones. The sense most used by detection dogs is smell.

ABC uses bed bug detecting dogs to quickly and accurately pinpoint your problem. Not only can we recommend and perform the most effective treatments, but also we offer a guarantee on our heat remediation service. When it comes to bed bug treatment, Houston homeowners count on ABC for long-term results.

Roscoe is the lead detective with our Bed Bug K9 Force and the latest tool in our arsenal of bed bug control. Roscoe and his fellow dogs have been trained by at the Forensic and Scientific Training Investigations Center (FSI) to sniff out live bed bugs and bed bug eggs and to pinpoint their locations.

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I think I have caught this early and if I have total faith in the dogs, only my comforter was compromised but time will tell! Wish me luck and I wish all of you luck as well as this is the most emotionally devastating experience I have gone through to date. A bit about the bed bug sniffing dogs that were used. The dog service was $360.

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