Various Termite Removal Techniques

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What chemicals or techniques are commonly used for termite control, and how safe and effective are those chemicals?. Are there different kinds of termites?

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We specialize in treating and eradicating termites and all common household pests.. Using the latest termite control techniques, our team is made up of.

MSU-ES Publication 2568, Protect Your House from Termites, specifically addresses postconstruction termite treatments. Methods of termite control. Common methods of termite control include insecticide treatments, as well as various types of physical barriers and construction practices.

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Drywood Termites vs Subterranean Termites. These two types of termites are truly apples are oranges to one another. When looking at subterranean termites vs drywood termites, it’s important to remember that though they’re both termites, their habitats are so different that it can lead to different infestation methods.

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The purpose of these suggestions is to limit all possible soil disturbance near the foundations. termite protection (see also, Treatment Methods and Practices).

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Companies offer different types of treatment methods and warranties. If termites happen to return, most will retreat the affected area(s) at no additional charge. Some companies also will repair damage occurring after their treatment, although dating onset of termite damage is a hard thing to determine.