University Housing Updates Students About Bed Bugs

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A University Housing Manager will be contacted to respond to the resident and visit the location and collect bugs. The University Housing Manager will discuss/review the Bed Bugs Facts Sheet with the resident. The University Housing Manager will make an initial assessment of the bed or sleeping location of possible infestation.

7 Things You Should Know About Bed Bugs You must obtain written permission from Housing Services before you bring an animal onto the property, regardless of any permits or medical documentation that are already in your possession. Information on Bed Bugs. California Assembly Bill 551 requires landlords to provide this information to prospective renters and current tenants. The.

KU Student Housing serves more than 5,000 students in a broad variety of campus living environments and communities consisting of more than 35 buildings, varying in size from duplex apartments, to small cooperative houses, to multistory residence halls, and high-rise apartment buildings, widely dispersed over nearly 100 acres with a facility value in excess of $450 million.

Furman is one of the nation’s premier liberal arts and sciences universities. We offer our students The Furman Advantage-an over-arching approach to education that promises every student a four-year personalized pathway, a team of advisors and mentors, and the opportunity for an engaged learning experience that is tracked and integrated with the students’ academic and professional goals.

If you believe you have bed bugs in your room/suite/apartment, please contact your Resident Director or your building's front desk right away. You will find.