Trap Jaw Ants Along the Gulf

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Tarantula Hawk Life History and Habits: The tarantula wasps are spider wasps that specialize in hunting tarantula spiders (Aphonopelma spp. in Colorado). Females tarantula hawks search for their prey, usually at the tarantula burrows. When located the tarantula hawk attempts to sting the tarantula at nerve centers on the underside, paralyzing the spider.What to Consider Before Buying a Pet Bug How to Choose the Pet Bug That’s Right for You.. Like any pet, there’s a lot to consider with bug ownership-time, money and space being key concerns-and there are trendy pet bugs as.

An aggressive type of trap-jaw ant with a mighty bite is gaining ground in the U.S. southeast, new research finds. The species, Odontomachus haematodus, is native to South America, but it seems to.

"Trap-jaw ants have little sensory hairs on the inside of their jaws," Sheila Patek, a biologist who studies the evolutionary mechanics of movements at Duke University, told National Geographic. "So they can fire those latch muscles even faster than their brain can process.

Trap-jaw ants deliver a flurry of blows while "boxing" with each other to assert dominance and sort out the division of labor within the colony.

Trap-jaw ants of this genus have the second fastest moving predatory appendages within the animal kingdom, after the dracula ant (Mystrium camillae). One study of Odontomachus bauri recorded peak speeds of between 126 and 230 kilometres per hour (78 and 143 mph), with the jaws closing within just 130 microseconds on average.

Photograph: Ant Wallis/Centre for Fortean Zoology My first expedition. seen an orang pendek in the jungle just above the valley three years ago. He was walking along a jungle trail when he saw it.

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The micro-CT scans revealed three sets of powerful muscles that appear to be responsible for the trap-jaw ant’s bite. The muscles are huge, together taking up much of the interior of the ant’s.

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The spongy, floating mass was initially mistaken for a giant squid before ocean conservationists pointed out a visible skull, jaw, and spine in some photos. the fanged horror was photographed and.

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