The Top 5 Pests of Summer & Things You Can Do to Avoid Them

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Top 5 Summer Pests and How to Avoid Them Summer is many people’s favorite season. It’s a time filled with days at the beach, vacations, picnics, camping, hiking, and outdoors sports.

Their light brown color can make them hard to spot but they do glow with a black light. They can crawl up furniture and homes and they can be worse depending on where you live in the Valley.

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No one likes the smell of onions, including bugs. Try slicing some up and putting them in a bowl of water to keep bugs away. You can also plant onions in your yard.. Ant can’t stand the smell of it and will avoid it. You can also place cinnamon cloves in areas, like windows and doors, to.

02/04/2017  · So, to save you from itching and scratching your way through the summer months, check out these useful tips to help you avoid these little pests! Cover up When it’s 25 degrees at night the last thing you want to do is shroud yourself in an attempt to protect yourself from mozzies, but there are some measures you can take to help yourself when it comes to dressing appropriately.

The garden pests that have bothered you all season are still around. Here’s why fall is the perfect time to tackle them for a healthier garden next year. Here’s why fall is the perfect time to tackle them for a healthier garden next year.

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Summer Pests – How to get rid of them. Tuesday, June 27, 2017 – 10:30am. measure out a third of the way down and cut so the top part is completely off. Next, you will add three ingredients to the bottle.. if you spend a lot of summer evenings on your back patio where the bugs tend to spend.