The House Fly: More than just a household annoyance

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There might be things in your house worse than bedbugs.. Many people don’t realize that household flies are more than just a nuisance – the Independent reported that flies can carry a range.

This spring and summer are expected to be buggy, according to the. They sting, they bite and they annoy: 10 pests you can expect to see. Aside from being a buzzing nuisance, house flies can transfer more than 100 different. These blood -sucking parasites infest both household pets and wild animals.

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housefly (housfl) n. A common, widely distributed fly (Musca domestica) that frequents human dwellings, breeds in moist or decaying organic matter, and transmits a wide variety of diseases. housefly (hasfla) n, pl -flies (Animals) a common dipterous fly, Musca domestica, that frequents.

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Fly Control Chart with fly indentification, fly life cycles, 2 to 3 times larger than a house fly: gray and black checkboard patternon abdomen.. Superficailly resemble house fly but is slightly larger and more sluggish in its movements.

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Many of these flies pose a health risk but none hang about our homes more than the house fly. It’s a ubiquitous presence during the warmer months, can be a substantial annoyance and may also be.

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