The Effects Termites Can Have On Your Home’s Insulation

Problems in your crawl space can have a major impact on your family’s health in more ways than you might think. 1. Moisture. Whether it’s from standing water after a rainstorm or just the dirt floor, evaporating moisture can damage wood and insulation and eventually make its way into your home.

 · Once you have cleared your home of your possessions that came into contact with flood water and have determined what can be salvaged, you’ll need to remove any drywall or paneling that got wet. This may be the point at which you hire a contractor so that you can focus on the restoration, cleaning or disposal of the other contents of your home.

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They can eat a lot of wood and they can cause a lot of expensive damage to a house! They can destroy building foundations, wooden support beams, plastic plumbing pipes, sub-flooring, insulation. even swimming pool liners and filtration systems! Termites can also injure or destroy living trees and shrubs.

We have no relationship with advertisers, products, or services discussed at this website.. Wood destroying insect effects of foam insulation: foam insulation is not an insect barrier;. A termite shield may be effective but remains a risky approach to bug-proofing if the. Or see INSECT INFESTATION / DAMAGE – home.

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To reduce the chance of termites invading your home: Remove any wood mulch or debris near your house foundation. Keep firewood dry, off the ground, and stored away from your house. Don’t store wood or cardboard boxes under.

Bait stations are monitors that are placed every 10 or so feet around the perimeter of your home. They typically consist of cellulose to attract termites combined with an insecticide to slowly affect the termite. Unfortunately, termites have to find a bait station, meaning there is no guarantee that termites will find one whatsoever.

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There are many types of home insulation that homeowners can choose from. They are rated by R-value or the ability to resist heat; insulation with a higher R-value is more resistant. Materials commonly found in insulation are fiberglass, cellulose, and rock wool. A variety of different types of home.