The Danger Of Improper Termite Pretreatment When Building A Home

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Varsity Termite and Pest Control wants to share with you high quality termite treatment when building a new home. Contact us today at (602) 757-8252.. Read the rest of The Danger of Improper Termite Pretreatment When Building a Home.

The Danger of Improper Termite Pretreatment When Building a Home The quality of your construction is your company’s calling card. Even if evidence of the poor quality doesn’t start to come out until years later, word will get around that you can’t be trusted to do good work.

WITH HIGH TERMITE POPULATIONS. Termites are destructive when they infest a home or building, often dam-aging structural compo-nents such as walls and floor joists, sill plates, and flooring. Their movement may be concealed by tunnels and wall voids, and serious structural damage can often occur before a termite infesta-tion is discovered.

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show all hide all. Introduction. Now there is a solution to protecting your structures from termites that can earn you points in green building programs such as LEED for Homes, NGBS Green poduct certification program tm, EarthCraft and many others. Instead of poisoning the soil under a home, Bora-Care eliminates the wood as a food source while saving you one full day of cycle time.

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The truth is there is no simple solution for termites. Factors such as the type of termite you have, your home’s layout, foundation type, building materials, climate, and conditions in and around your home all play an important role when determining the best treatment method to pursue.

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