The Bed Bug Dog | Learn How Dogs Sniff & Detect Bed Bugs

Capital K9 Bed Bug Solutions strives to provide you with the best customer service experience possible. We listen to our customers and use your feedback to continually improve our process. History. Established in 2010. We specialize in bed bug detection and elimination and are a fully licensed and insured company.

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Bed Bug Dog Services for NJ and the NYC Metro Region. Dogs are the newest weapon in our bed bug-fighting arsenal. Trained to sniff out weapons, arson, drugs, missing persons, termites and cancer, dogs have now being trained to detect bed bugs, helping pest control companies better target treatment areas.

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Bed Bugs and Dogs. Question: What types of dogs can be used to detect bed bugs? Answer: The dog’s breed is actually less important than his or her drive and ability to learn. training typically starts when a dog reaches a year and a half to two years old, and it takes between six and eight weeks to complete.

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Learn about the unique abilities of bed bug dogs. These canines can sniff out bed bugs in your home, while Terminix technicians can take care of the rest.

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Bed bug infestations are becoming epidemic in commercial and residential facilities. Smaller than the head of an eraser, bed bugs hide in laptops, cellphones, any place that’s warm, and only come out at night to attack unsuspecting victims – human or animal.

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