Termites Poised to Put a Bite on Homes This Spring

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Do Termites Bite? Can Termites Harm Humans? While termite colonies include a highly evolved soldier caste, these soldier insects are equipped to combat invading insects, such as ants and members of rival termite colonies. Termite populations also cause severe harm to homes, but are not known to bite humans.

They usually venture from the safety of their homes. ants or termites with sticky tongues that in most species are longer than their entire body. special muscles seal their nostrils and ears to.

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But, whether or not you think of fall that way, your lawn certainly does! As a matter of fact, the fall season is optimal for lawn preparation as, when done right, the expanse of grass in front of your home will be lush and green by the time spring comes knocking. The natural question, of course, is how do you achieve this?

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A COUPLE of hours earlier, with the sun shining high in a blue spring sky. out a 5-4 home stand that easily could have been 8-1, and should have been 7-2. Those missed opportunities add up over a.

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The first sign your home has started looking like a meal to termites is the appearance of swarms of termites and mud tubes on the side of your home. Termites move and eat year-round in the warmer regions of the country, so take time to walk around your house daily in the spring, and quarterly throughout the rest of the year.