Termites: Pest-Proofing This Spring Can Go A Long Way

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A termite infestation and damage can be devastating to your home or property. Termites are often called the "silent destroyer" because they may be secretly hiding and thriving in your home or yard without any immediate signs of damage. All termites consume cellulose-based plant materials.

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Pre-treating when building a home, termite baiting and monitoring programs, conventional termite treatments and regular inspections go a long way to help reduce the risk of getting termites. regular inspections by an experienced termite control company can regularly evaluate your home, your property and recommend customized termite solutions.

The longer the problem persists the more damage you will have to repair.. United States Department of Agriculture, termites cause $40 billion per year. No one wants to come home from a long day to find out you have termites.. from looking attractive to pests and trust your local pest control specialists.

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DIY: 10 Year Termite and Ant Treatment with Termidor - Kill and Prevent Termites and Ants  · The Comprehensive Guide to Pest-Proofing Your Home in 2016. Written by Chem-Wise on January 8, 2016.. you can expect spring to arrive by April, and then it’s time for spring cleaning.. you’ll have gone a long way towards keeping pests out of your home for the entirety of 2016. Hopefully, by this time next year, you’ll have enjoyed a.

Termite Prevention Can Go a Long Way. FAIRFAX, Va. (April 17, 2013) – The National Pest Management Association (NPMA) celebrates April as National Pest Management Month and encourages homeowners to pest-proof the home against termites – a destructive pest that usually begins to swarm in early spring.

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