Termites: Facts, Photos, & Extermination

Subterranean Termite Facts. Typically, Subterranean Termites are 1/8 to 3/8 of an inch in length. Subterranean Termites can be a pale peach, light or dark brown color. subterranean termites live underground, multiplying rapidly and in constant search for wood.

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Why You Should Never Use a Flea Bomb What Bugs Can Live in Your Drains? When you live in Coastal NC, a sunny morning can quickly turn into a rainy afternoon. gutters and drains outside your house are essential. But standing water can become a breeding ground for certain types of drain flies.A flea infestation in the home not only makes pets miserable, but the entire family as well. Flea bombs do a good job of ridding a house of fleas, but your job isn’t finished as soon as the bombs stop. clean everything in the house to make sure there aren’t any hardy fleas lingering, and to rid the house of toxic chemicals from the flea bombs.

Termites Facts, Identification & Control Latin Name. Isoptera. Appearance What do Termites look like? Termites all belong to the phylum Arthropoda, the class Insecta, and the order Isoptera.

Termite Traps: Do They Work? How To Protect Your homes electrical wiring From Attic Pests Hope they help you make a good choice for your next home. 3) Check the breakers in the main service panel. Only a three phase panel can have 3-pole breakers that occupy three slots in the box, with a toggle connecting them, like the photo below. 4)Open the panel box and examine the wiring.This is why termite traps and baiting stations are an attractive option for many home owners, as they act more as a preventative. How termite baiting stations work termite baits do exactly what you’d imagine – their job is to attract and kill off termites.Stink Bug Infographic – Ehrlich Pest Control The brown marmorated stink bug is a brownish bug with a shield shape. They are named for the smelly scent they give off when squished. They are just over a half an inch in size and can have copper, black or gray markings.Stink Bug Season is Underway: Stink Bug Control Tips As stink bugs like moist and humid places, do not allow moisture build up anywhere in your home. Fix clogged drainages as soon as possible. Keep your home clean and tidy. Below are 24 home remedies and natural ways to get rid of stink bugs; 1. repair Cracks The most effective way to get rid of stink bugs is blocking their entry into your house.

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Termites have been around since time began. They are social insects that feed upon dead plant material, usually wood. They live in colonies.

[In Photos: Mima Mounds Around the World] The termite-crafted mounds in northeastern Brazil span an area about the size of Great Britain, the researchers said. But these mounds – measuring about 8.

Termite Facts. Termites generally swarm in the spring. It is important to get an annual termite inspection to prevent costly damage. Termites also swarm in the late summer; One colony of Termites can contain an average of 3 million members. There have been documented cases where 70 million Termites have been found.

Researchers have discovered a network of 4,000-year-old termite mounds in Brazil that are so big, they can be seen from space. We hear all about the discovery, and how the much-maligned termite could.

As your local pest control experts, Similar to our gallery of bed bug pictures, we’ve compiled a collection of termite pictures for you to peruse. Enjoy! Termite pictures. For more information about termites, click here to visit our online termite guides.

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The Dangers of Using Squirrel Bait, Poison & More You want to make sure you place them so children and pets can’t get to the poison, or the danger of springing the trap. If you are trying to catch rats inside your house, like in your attic, the dangers can become even more complex.

Termites act as 'suicide bombers' to defend their colonies Pest control services Pest control prices customer reviews additional services. dampwood termite facts . Color of dampwood termite. These are the biggest termites in the U.S.! Log cabins, watch out. Dampwood termite droppings.