Termites Cause Billions Of Dollars A Year In House Damages

What causes Termites. The thought of Termites strikes fear into every homeowner’s heart – and for good reason. Termites cause billions of dollars in structural damage each year, and even a small infestation can completely destroy your home in a short amount of time.

Termites cause millions and millions of dollars in damage to homes each year. In most cases, this damage is NOT covered by homeowners insurance. That’s why it’s critical to treat and prevent termites, as well as have a warranty to cover any future damage. Termites cause more damage each year than fires and flood combined.

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Friday Active Termites - Redbank Termite Information. Annually, they can cause about $2 billion in destruction of homes, which is more than that caused by fires and windstorms combined. Other termites are of the drywood, the damp wood, or the mound building variety. The damp wood termites and the dry wood termites also cause a lot of damage to buildings in the United States.

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Termite colonies can grow rapidly right under your nose and infestations can cause severe structural damage as they go unnoticed for years. Termite colonies can grow rapidly right under your nose and infestations can cause severe structural damage as they go unnoticed for years.

They can cause billions of dollars in structural damage every year. Don't wait. If you don't have issues with termites in your home, stay a step ahead! Get your.

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The EPA reports that every year termites cause billions of dollars of structural damage in the United States. Immediate action and treatment is the best approach if you see signs of termites. Immediate action and treatment is the best approach if you see signs of termites.

Termites cause billions of dollars of property damage every year. Due to their subterranean nature, they can live undetected for years in the walls, flooring and insulation of your home. Termite colony populations can include hundreds or thousands of individual insects.

Termites cause over $5.5 billion in property damage each year in North America? If only we could get a chunk of that $5 billion back. The good news is – we can! By getting the right advice & services From a trusted, qualified, professional pest control services company. That specializes in termite inspections, treatment & prevention.