Termites Can Infest Boats

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Difficult to eradicate once they establish a colony, they’re uninvited dinner guests in neighborhoods they infest, swarming kitchen counters. who specializes in termites. He noticed the yellow ants.

Boat owners beware: Termites arent deterred by water. Your browser is out of date. For the correct work of a site, install the new version.

The damage they cause costs more than 5 billion dollars annually; more than floods and fires combined! And they don’t just target homes and business. Their destructive habits can reach your boats too! If you are thinking of buying or selling a boat in the Naples and Fort Myers area PestMax can inspect it for termite infestation.

In a single day, a Formosan termite queen can produce more than 1,000 eggs, rapidly growing a colony. In addition to structures, they’ve also been known to infest trees, utility poles and even boats. Aside from wood, they can chew through telephone coverings and electric cable insulation, causing costly damage and power outages.

JARDINE DISTRIBUTION, Inc. (JDI) offers Total Termite Solution, which protects homes from the hazards of termite infestation. solignum can protect wooden furniture and structures against termite. It.

A sailboat, like any other form of water transport, are vulnerable to pest infestations, which are can be particularly difficult to cope with.One insect that can infest a sailboat is the termite. Even though most boats these days don’t use wood exteriors, a boat will still have plenty of wood used in the construction process which is a feast for termites.

Forensic Pest Management Services discovers a massive termite nest in a wall cavity 2017-11-15 · can infest boats. In 1995, a boat. West Indian Subterranean Termite, Heterotermessp. (Insecta: Isoptera:. West Indian Subterranean Termite, Heterotermessp. (Insecta: Isoptera: Rhinotermitidae) 3

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