Termites Can Cause A Lot Of Damage

Termites cause lots of damage to unprotected homes and wooden structures. While drywood termites can be a difficult pest to eradicate from your property,

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A single colony of termites can cause considerable damage – according to the EPA, And because they dwell underground, a lot of termite damage goes.

Termite damage can be a homeowner's worst nightmare. Often. For example, if excessive moisture in the home is caused by a storm or pipe.

Structural damage from termites can cost a small fortune to fix. These pests can affect other parts of a home, as well. Here’s more about termite damage. green Pest Solutions. Your Local Green Pest Professionals.. How Much Damage Do Termites Cause? June 22, 2017.

Termites can become a serious threat to your house and in order to avoid further destructions house owners are looking for effective ways of treatment.. Of course, it is much better to use non-toxic methods as they will be safer and will be less dangerous to the health of humans and pets and to the environment.

Eastern subterranean termites are one of the most common species and pound for pound probably cause the most damage. Several hundred thousand termites, given enough time, will wreak havoc on anything made of wood and then some. Less common with even greater appetites, a Formosan colony can number in the tens of millions so they need less time.

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These Termites Turn Your House into a Palace of Poop | Deep Look Each year, termites cause more than $5 billion in property damage. All termites are. impact:formosan termites eat a lot of wood and can damage your house.

Termites can cause a lot of damage to homes and other structure and you should have your home (or commercial property) inspected periodically for these and other pests. An important place to look.

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