Termite Swarming Season

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Termite Swarm Season If you live in the Southeast-particularly Georgia or Florida-then chances are high that termites are already close to your home. In our area of the country, there is an average of 10 to 13 termite colonies per acre of land, with the Eastern Subterranean Termite being the most common species.

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Florida termite swarming season is here, termites include; drywood, subterranean, and formosan and they become reproductive in Spring and early Summer. The warm humid weather ignites their activity and is very visible when the termites swarm.

Tropical Smooth-headed Drywood Termites can swarm any time of the year, but the peak is from March to May. southeastern drywood termites‘ swarming season lasts from spring to early fall. western drywood termites swarm any time of the year. Unlike others, in daytime. When does termite swarming season end?

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