Termite Soldier Roles and Functions

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In termites, soldiers dictate its own percentage by inhibiting worker-soldier caste differentiation through down-regulating of JH titer in workers 38, 120, 125. In addition, pheromones might also play a role in the self-regulation process.

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Most worker and soldier termites are completely blind as they do not have a pair of eyes.. Termite antennae have a number of functions such as the sensing of touch, taste, odours (including pheromones), heat and vibration.. male and female workers may have different roles in a termite colony.

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Home >> The soldier termites.. The small (minor) soldiers have added duties of directing the worker traffic, and are suited to defend the colony against small species of ants, which the large soldiers typically have problems against.

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The primary function of the soldier caste is defense. Since most termite soldiers are blind, they probably locate enemies through tactile and chemical means. The typical termite soldier has a large, dark, hard head. Its long powerful jaws (mandibles) may be hooked and contain teeth.

Primitive Soldier Termite Leader_Good Nature Controlling One caste of termite is the soldier. Typical colonies have reproductives, soldiers, and worker termite castes. Soldiers of most subterranean termites found in North America have the role of protecting the colony.

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