Strange Places We Found a Mouse Nest

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If you have found any signs of mice-shredded paper or cloth, droppings, urine stains, gnawed items-place the traps in those areas. Traps are available from home and garden stores or even some grocery stores. Many can be reused, while others are intended to hide the trapped mouse from view and be used only once.

A mouse nest is often made of a variety of materials and objects that are soft and comfortable. It is common for mice to chew into a mattress, pillow, or carpet in search of nesting materials. Paper towels, rags, or even dropped feathers from a house pet can be ideal for a mouse nest.

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Their main requirement is that they be in a protected place near a food source. In general, a mouse’s nest will be found within 30 feet of its food. The Kitchen is the #1 Nest Site. In a home, mouse nests are most often in or near the kitchen because, to a mouse, the kitchen is one big smorgasbord.

How to Recognize a Mouse Nest There are many different types of mice including the deer, field, and harvest mouse, but the most common mouse found in a home is the house mouse . This creature is grey or brown in color with a pointed muzzle, long thin tail, large ears, and small dark eyes.

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Plunkett’s Pest Control has been in this business for a long time and our pest control technicians have heard many tales involving pest encounters including strange places people have found nesting mice. Yes indeed, mouse nests appear in some pretty peculiar places here.

Found in an Amsterdam canal, this mother bird has clearly adapted to the ridiculous amounts of waste we so wantonly dispose of. Om nom nom nom nom nom nom photo: image: stu spivack . This final pic is perhaps the most bizarre place of all for a bird’s nest to end up. Bird’s nest soup or "yan wo" is a delicacy in Chinese cuisine.

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