Stored Product Insects: The world’s most expensive pests

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stored product pests are found in almost every home at some time. Yet few people recognize why stored product pests occur, or how to identify them. Many are transported into the home from a store or warehouse. Others originate in the home when susceptible items are stored for long periods of time.

This publication offers ‘nformation on insect pests of stored and manufactured tobacco ana the most modem, effective, and economical methods for the prevention and control of infestations. THE CIGARETTE BEETLE The cigarette beetle is cosmopohtan in distribution, having been carried over the world by commerce in tobacco and other materials.

Stored product pests are regarded as the world’s most expensive pests. 60% of businesses which have suffered from a stored product pest infestation reported an annual revenue loss between 1 and 9%. Nearly half of the businesses we surveyed (45% to be exact) that accumulated a stored product insect problem reported replacement costs for.

Stored Product Pests. E-66-W. PURDUE EXTENSION.. The most common stored grain insect pests may be . grouped by their feeding habits. Listed below are appropriate management strategies for these groups. Remember, correct identification is imperative. Samples may be sent to the Plant

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While SPIs go by many different names, they are frequently referred to as stored product pests, pantry, insects, food pests, or pantry pests just to name a few. Regarded as the most expensive pests, a single SPI infestation can result in a significantly increased expenditure for businesses.

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