How To Prevent Rats & Mice From Eating Your Homes Electrical Wiring

If you’re a car owner, then you have to work doubly hard, as you need to protect both your home and your car from these pesky critters. In a very short time, a mouse or rat can wreak havoc in your.

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Once your home is free from rodents, it’s time to keep them from coming back. Rodent-proofing your home, apartment, farm or other buildings involves identifying and eliminating the conditions that make it possible for rats and mice to survive – mainly their food, water and shelter.

When they chew house wiring, the repairs are expensive and the possibility of a house fire makes it life threatening. Rats can chew through soft metal, so if you choose to encase your wiring use steel conduit instead of plastic or copper. The best way to prevent rat damage of any kind is elimination and exclusion.

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If you park your. Prevent Rats From Eating Car Wires, is devoted to prevention tips. You can now buy anti rodent tape for wires, from auto parts stores or on Amazon. Other people swear by home.

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